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Measure impact to inform program decisions and deliver better results for your beneficiaries

Streamline Program Management and Performance Reporting

Accountability for nonprofits means financial transparency, collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and most importantly, program execution. The sector’s evolving M&E standards demand too much for NGOs to rely on spreadsheets and manual processes. Amp Impact helps nonprofits measure impact, drive stronger accountability, and improve program delivery.

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Impact Measurement on Salesforce, out-of-the-box

Measure Program Results

Streamline indicator management and reporting processes, tracking and visualizing results against targets and automatically calculating and aggregating results for indicators.


Inform Strategic Planning

Setup Logframes or Logic Models for each project, program, grant, or investment, connecting indicators to goals, objectives, outcomes, outputs, and activities.

Track Activities for Project Plans

Create implementation plans for projects, track the delivery of activities within the plan, and visualize in Gantt charts, displaying planned versus actual start and end dates.


Improve Financial Transparency

Capture financial metrics related to funding and spending and illustrate trends in your organization’s financial performance with user-friendly dashboards and budget graphs.

Capture Data Online or Offline

Download indicators in a formatted Excel file to enter data offline or integrate with third-party tools like Taroworks to collect and capture real-time data in the field.

Easily integrate with the Salesforce NPSP and other apps

Trusted by impact-driven organizations across 30+ countries

  • “The Aga Khan Foundation has adopted Amp Impact to help us capture and aggregate data across 7 themes and 19 countries. Users have found it intuitive and the information it is yielding is feeding into our program design and planning processes as well as our external engagement and internal reporting. Amp has helped us to get quite granular data back into the hands of field staff to help inform their daily work and it's also streamlined considerably our global reporting processes.”

  • "At War Child, we are using Amp Impact to do indicator management for our projects across 10+ countries. Before [Amp Impact], it was nearly impossible to track indicator results over different projects running across the world. Within Amp Impact, we can see a mix of indicators from our Global Monitoring Framework, with project- or donor-specific indicators. We can also tweak [the app] ourselves, which gives us the feeling we have it in our own hands."

  • "Amp Impact has been excellent for building an integrated portfolio management system. Shell Foundation is using Amp Impact to monitor social and environmental reporting for over 50 companies. The system is also being used to facilitate peer-to-peer learning. The Foundation plans to expand the system in the future to enable it to monitor the full cycle of grant management. It has been a pleasure building our system with the Amp Impact team."

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