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WEBINAR: Tools and Best Practices to Identify, Manage, and Mitigate Risk

Webinar Recording: Tools and Best Practices to Identify, Manage, and Mitigate Risk

Introducing Amp Impact’s new Risk Module The world is unpredictable. However, the philanthropic market is not structured to deal with the unexpected. No industry standards currently exist for discussing, assessing, or planning for risk in philanthropic investments – specifically obstacles … Read More

10 Criteria to Evaluate When Choosing a New Technology

10 Criteria to Evaluate When Choosing a New Technology

Organizations often choose technologies for short-sighted reasons. Here’s a better way with 3 questions to ask and 10 criteria to evaluate. When I look back at our last nine years and more than 500 social sector technology projects (and the … Read More

ANDE Workshop: Using Technology to Monitor Programs and Amplify Impact

Workshop Recap: Using Technology to Monitor Programs and Amplify Impact

Last month, Vera Solutions co-led ANDE East & Southeast Asia Metrics Learning Lab Series #3: From Inputs to Insights – Using Technology to Monitor Programs and Amplify Impact. Read a recap of the workshop, including an overview of the 4 … Read More

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Twelve New Fellows Join the Vera Family

Vera’s Fellowship offers entry- and mid-level professionals the opportunity to develop technical and consulting skills while strengthening the social sector’s engagement with data using cloud and mobile technology. Vera embraces a culture of mentorship to accelerate Fellows’ capacity to work … Read More

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Addressing the IMP’s five dimensions of impact using Amp Impact

Background Vera Solutions has designed and built Amp Impact based on 8+ years and 50+ implementations of portfolio-level impact management systems (not to mention 150+ related implementations tracking individual program- or enterprise-level impact). As a Certified B Corp, Vera is … Read More


Amp Impact Aquila Release: Capture financial data in Excel, update Logical Framework items, and more

The second Amp Impact release of the year is now live! Named Aquila ⁠— after the constellation that represents eagles delivering lightning to Zeus – the latest Amp Impact release provides users with new features and enhancements to: Download/upload structured … Read More


9 Powerful Insights from’s ‘Impacting Responsibly’ Report

On May 22, released Impacting Responsibly: a collection of articles written by data-focused influencers to help social sector organizations collect, interpret, and apply impact data responsibly, created in partnership with Candid (formerly Guidestar), the Urban Institute’s Center on Nonprofits … Read More


Vera Solutions named 2019 EMEA ISV Partner of the Year

Vera Solutions is honored to be named’s 2019 EMEA ISV Partner of the Year! Special thanks to the team, the partners, the AEs and SEs, and especially the early adopters who have helped get Amp Impact to where it … Read More


The Inaugural Amp Impact Summit: Creating a Common Ground for Impact Measurement

On April 15, Vera Solutions and hosted the inaugural Amp Impact Summit in Amsterdam to bring together a passionate group of professionals for an afternoon focused on strengthening accountability and data management in the social sector. We were inspired … Read More


Commitment to Carbon Neutrality, Responsibility to Positive Impact

For the second year, Vera Solutions has teamed up with Cool Effect, a nonprofit organization that provides a platform to fund carbon-reducing projects around the world, in our efforts to remain carbon neutral. By supporting Cool Effect projects – carefully … Read More