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6 Benefits of Salesforce Experiences – with Powerful Real-world Examples

At Vera Solutions, we believe that collaboration is a cornerstone to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . Over the last decade, we’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of organizations to deliver data solutions that unlock a culture of … Read More

7 reasons why Salesforce should be at the center of your nonprofit digital strategy

At Vera Solutions, we’re often asked, “Why do you build nonprofit solutions on Salesforce? Isn’t it just a CRM tool?” As a technology provider, we love Salesforce mostly for its extensive configurability and scalability—allowing us to build using ‘clicks, not … Read More

6 Capacity Building Tips to Scale Your Digital Transformation Strategy

6 Capacity Building Tips to Scale Your Digital Transformation Strategy the globe, nonprofits are taking an impact-first approach to digital transformation and using technology to work cross-functionally, communicate effectively, and enhance program effectiveness. This webinar, hosted by, brings together a well-rounded group of panelists – Zak Kaufman of … Read More

10 Criteria to Evaluate When Choosing a New Technology

10 Criteria to Evaluate When Choosing a New Technology

Organizations often choose technologies for short-sighted reasons. Here’s a better way with 3 questions to ask and 10 criteria to evaluate. When I look back at our last decade and more than 500 social sector technology projects (and the systems … Read More


Dashboards, Integrations, and Automations: Connecting with OpenFn

This post originally appeared on the SurveyCTO blog and is republished with permission. We recently caught up with Taylor Downs, founder of OpenFn and co-founder of Vera Solutions, to learn more about how he’s helping international organizations harness data for … Read More

What to look for in a System Administrator

Athan Makansi, based in Mumbai, leads Vera’s work in Asia. A certified Developer, Booz Allen Hamilton alumnus, and former Kiva fellow, Athan brings more than seven years of experience in business operations and international development to the Vera team. … Read More

Supercharge Your Salesforce: An Introduction to Lightning

Have you heard the buzz about the Salesforce Lightning Experience? As of 17 October, Lightning Experience, the cornerstone of Salesforce’s Winter 2016 release, is available to all Salesforce users. Thinking of switching to Lightning or want to learn more? We … Read More

Getting Ready for a Vera Data System

Though Vera helps partner organizations increase efficiency and impact with customized data systems, many of the big questions we ask before implementing a Vera system don’t involve technology at all. In fact, they revolve much more around our partner organizations’ … Read More

From Our Partners: Making a Database Work for You

This post first appeared on the website of our partner organization, Zacchaeus 2000. Z2K’s work focuses on helping vulnerable debtors and addressing the causes of poverty through individual cases, lobbying for improvements to the legal and benefits system in the UK, … Read More