DIGITALL and Vera Solutions join forces to provide Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofits in EMEA and US

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Geneva, Switzerland / Frankfurt, Germany – February 16, 2023 — The technology and business consulting company DIGITALL has announced its partnership with Vera Solutions, a leading provider of Salesforce-based solutions for the NPO sector. Building on its partnership with, DIGITALL is now extending its commitment to empowering non-governmental, nonprofit, and educational organizations to create more impact. As an Amp Impact implementation partner, DIGITALL will leverage Vera’s cloud-based software, Amp Impact, to offer nonprofit and philanthropic organizations smart solutions for grant and program management. 

Together, DIGITALL and Vera Solutions are committed to providing organizations with flexible and sustainable systems that empower them to become more effective, transparent, and adaptive to the ever-changing world. For this purpose, Vera has developed a Salesforce-based software solution for portfolio management and impact measurement called Amp Impact. It enables nonprofits to replace complex spreadsheets with a flexible, friendly, and integrated technology solution built on the Salesforce platform. As an official implementation partner of Vera Solutions, DIGITALL will support its clients with the implementation of Amp Impact by providing technology implementation and integration, training, and support services. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with DIGITALL to help more organizations leverage Amp Impact. We have admired DIGITALL’s 20+ years of experience leading digital transformations and are confident that their customer-oriented approach will help bolster Amp Impact’s influence in driving stronger accountability across the social sector.”

Co-Founder and CEO - Vera Solutions, Zak Kaufman Tweet

The partnership between DIGITALL and Vera Solutions builds upon over 6 years of collaboration in CRM projects. Previous successes include the implementation of several grant management, fundraising, and program management solutions for local and international institutions.

“Our partnership with Vera Solutions is the logical consequence of our commitment to empowering nonprofit organizations in their digital journey. We look forward to many successfully delivered projects together with Vera”.

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DIGITALL has already supported various nonprofits in their digital transformation with the implementation of CRM systems. As a result, those organizations were able to deliver personalized experience across the entire donor journey by creating a 360° view for grantmakers. The collaboration between DIGITALL and Vera Solutions will now allow NGOs in EMEA and the US to quickly increase their operational effectiveness and track their outcomes and indicators with Amp Impact tailored to their specific needs.

For DIGITALL, the partnership with Vera Solutions is another step towards supporting nonprofits and education institutions, having joined the partner network in 2022. As a partner of, DIGITALL helps NGO, NPO and educational organizations in implementing Salesforce solutions and thus empowers them to increase their impact on sustainable development. 

We are DIGITALL – a digital leader born from two technology and business driven consulting companies with more than 20 years of success and experience on the global market. We deliver the next generation Digital Transformation & Digital Cloud Experience to enterprises by leveraging best-in-class partner technologies and our own innovative solutions, implemented by our experienced teams.

DIGITALL operates on a global scale with over 1,500 employees across 28 offices in 13 countries located in Europe and North America.

In addition to building a competitive portfolio, our team of expert employees has established strong relationships with strategic technology partners, including Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Cisco, Snowflake, Zuora, MuleSoft etc.

About Vera Solutions:

Vera Solutions is a Certified B Corporation providing Salesforce-based solutions for organizations to track their impact and streamline their operations. By building on the Salesforce platform, Vera provides flexible, scalable solutions that empower organizations to become more transparent, accountable, and effective. Vera’s flagship product, Amp Impact, is used to manage over $8.5 billion of development programs across 150+ countries.  The company’s global team spans 5 continents, speaks 14+ languages, and serves organizations around the globe To learn more about Vera Solutions, please visit

For more information, please email: [email protected]

Vera Solutions Contact:Tonya Williams

Phone: +44-7969 612 269

Email: [email protected]

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