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What are Salesforce and Amp Impact Managed Services?

Managed Services are ongoing support services that enable you to focus on your mission, rather than back-office administration. We proactively monitor and troubleshoot your Salesforce and Amp Impact implementation to provide optimization recommendations while ensuring its working as hard as you are.

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Do you need Managed Services?

Different organizations require different types and levels of support. Some organizations focus on maximizing in-house capability, others retain an outsourced expert from a provider, and some use a hybrid approach.   With 12+ years of experience working with nonprofits, our team has both extensive knowledge of the nonprofit sector and deep experience in delivering and supporting the right solutions for a wide range of clients.


Need help in identifying what Managed Services are best for your organization?​

What Managed Services does Vera Solutions provide?

We provide ongoing Managed Support and Admin Services. Managed Support is for organizations that have one or more system admins in place and require ongoing support. Managed Admin Services is for organizations that do not have an admin team and need us to manage their system administration.

Managed Support Services

Managed Support Services provides one main support point of contact, a dedicated service delivery analyst, who will work closely alongside your System Administrator. Managed Support Services include monthly support calls, assisting with day-to-day System Administrator troubleshooting (in line with agreed criticality escalation), building Reports and Dashboards, updating email alerts and other minor automations, providing recommendations, executing proactive optimizations, and providing end-user training and documentation.

Ideal for Organizations that:

• Do not have a dedicated systems support team
• Have a Systems Administrator with limited capacity
• Have a solution that is becoming hard to manage with
  existing resources

Managed Admin Services

Managed Admin Services provides a System Administrator function. This could be shared amongst a team of two or more analysts, to augment your internal user capability or replace existing System Administration tasks. Managed Admin Services include all the same activities as Managed Support Services, along with additional System Administration tasks like managing Users, currencies, system documentation, etc. This reduces the need for a full time internal System Administrator and can therefore be a cost-effective way to handle system maintenance, support, and enhancements.

Ideal for Organizations that:

• Cannot afford or do not have an internal System
  Administration team.
• Lack in-house Salesforce and Amp Impact expertise.

“We’ve been working with Vera Solutions since 2016, as they adapted Salesforce Platform to help us manage data, interactions, and processes. We’ve extended our relationship to include ongoing managed admin services. This allows us to expand our custom solution to meet our growing needs, by relying on the technical expertise by those who know our solution best.”
Chris West
Roster Manager, Justice Rapid Response
PATH, a Vera Solutions client whom we’ve helped manage their data and programs.
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TechnoServe, a Vera Solutions client whom we’ve helped manage their data and programs.
Itaú Social | Monitoring & Evaluation System
Aga Khan Foundation, a Vera Solutions client whom we’ve helped manage their data and programs.
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For additional information on Managed Support Services and Managed Admin Services,
please refer to our FAQs.

      Why use Vera Solutions for Managed Services?

With over 12 years of experience working with nonprofits, Vera Solutions has been a leader in developing program management and impact measurement solutions on the Salesforce Platform. Currently, over $8.5 billion of programs, grants, and projects advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals are managed using Vera’s flagship product, Amp Impact.Our team has both extensive knowledge of the nonprofit sector and deep experience in delivering the right solutions for a wide range of clients. 

We also offer:

• A large pool of highly skilled and experienced Salesforce Consultants, with over 175 active
  Salesforce certifications and counting

• Experience successfully delivering over 1,000 projects in the social sector

• A dedicated team located across 5 continents, covering more than 12 languages

As a long-time Salesforce International Impact Partner, and a 2023 Salesforce Summit Consulting Partner, we’ve been dedicated to the Salesforce ecosystem for more than 12 years. With the growth of Amp Impact, Vera Solutions has also been recognized twice as Product Partner of the Year (2019, 2022) and with a Partner Innovation Award (2021). As such, we are constantly evaluating the Salesforce platform’s latest features and enhancements and how they can be leveraged to support our clients’ missions.

Managed Support & Admin Services FAQs

Managed Services offer peace of mind that your solution is in good hands, freeing your time and dedication to focus on your mission. Your staff and end users will be more comfortable with the system through regular trainings and will be happy their questions and change requests are being addressed more efficiently. Your solution will be stable and robust with dedicated ongoing support, proactive analysis, speedy resolutions, and system optimization.

You can expect to get the service packages tailored to your needs. This can include dedicated ongoing support for your various needs and even augmented management of your System Administration needs.

Costs vary based on various factors. We have special nonprofit discounts. Also, if you opt for a bigger package or a longer duration, you can tap into further discounts. Get in touch with our team to know more.

Managed Support Services tasks include providing ongoing Technical Support, configuring Reports and Dashboards, training your staff and end users, making minor configuration changes based on requirements, and a lot more. You get a dedicated Analyst who would familiarize themselves with your system and serve as your point of contact throughout the engagement.

Managed Admin Services include all the tasks covered under Managed support along with other system administration tasks. We take on a larger volume of requests, either driven by end users or by your Functional Stakeholder for small to midsize updates. Admin Services are delivered by a team of two or more analysts with the lead analyst serving as your single point of contact.