Instant Record Tagging for Better UX and Reporting

Quick and Easy Installation

Install with the click of a button and get your first tagging component up and running in under 30 minutes.

Tagging Made Easy

Tag records with multiple values without having to waste time creating dozens of formula fields.

Intuitive User Experience

Drag and drop the M2M component on any Lightning object page and instantly use a type-ahead search box to find and assign tags.

Visualize Relationships

Easily chart and report on related records created by M2M tags and leverage native Salesforce functionality to visualize in dashboards.

"[Many2Many] is incredibly useful. We use the tagging feature for tracking specific details about our grantmaking through reports, and visualizing those results in an easy way... I can imagine the broader application of the tagging feature to fit many Salesforce systems."
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Salesforce Tagging Made Easy for All Objects

Many2Many is a flexible Salesforce Lightning Component that works with all objects and offers better UX than multi-select picklists to facilitate cleaner reporting. Many2Many enables users to tag a record with other records and instantly track, manage, and visualize tags. Users can easily chart and report on related records created by Many2Many tags, so admins don’t have to waste time creating dozens of formula fields.

Check out Many2Many on the Salesforce AppExchange