Region: Global

System: Indicator Management using Amp Impact

Sectors: Education, Agriculture, Health, Clean Energy

KPIs: 450+ programs, 19 countries, 7 thematic areas, 25 sub-themes, 6,000,000+ beneficiaries, tracking 80+ indicators


Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), part of the larger Aga Khan Development Network, is an international non-profit that works with governments, foundations, and local civil society organizations to deliver programming in health and nutrition, education and student readiness, agriculture and food security, and renewable energy for the most marginalized populations worldwide. Over nearly 50 years, AKF’s reach has grown to 19 countries but their mission remains unchanged; the Aga Khan Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life and building better futures for millions of people.


AKF invests in long-term collaborations with governments and local communities in the Middle East, Africa and Asia to break the cycle of generational poverty. With such a diverse multi-sector portfolio, AKF struggled to effectively collect, manage and utilize data in order to answer some fundamental questions about their programs. In particular, they wanted to better understand how many beneficiaries were being affected across sectors and what the demographics of these individuals were (i.e. gender, age, regional affiliation). AKF recognized a need for a more sophisticated performance-tracking application that could provide better insights on the full range of AKF’s impact — from individual beneficiaries to programs across geographical regions and sectors. They also wanted an application that could build upon the organization’s existing Salesforce system, which they were already using for school enrollment data tracking in their education programs.


AKF implemented Amp Impact, an indicator management and performance tracking app built on Salesforce, to monitor global reach across all AKF-funded activities. AKF integrated Amp Impact with their existing monitoring and evaluation application to streamline the data collection, data review, and indicator management process. Amp Impact’s customizable indicator catalog allows AKF to seamlessly manage more than 80 indicators relevant to understanding their total reach, disaggregated by age group, sex, type of beneficiary, and more.

Using Amp Impact, the team can track targets and results for their programs against the indicators they’ve defined and evaluate their progress towards goals with powerful reports and dashboards. AKF has been using the programmatic data collected on Amp Impact to inform external engagement and partnerships conversations in powerful ways. The insights gained have transformed their ability to collaborate across sectors, improved transparency, and empowered them to better understand their distribution of key AKF resources. Amp Impact has enabled AKF to not only collect more data and more detailed data, but also to start a journey towards improving data reliability with every round of data entry.

“With the help of [Amp Impact], we are now able to generate a district by district mapping that shows us where the highest numbers of people are reached by the highest numbers of sector interventions. When we combine that with data on aspects related for example to food security, under-nutrition or adult literacy, it allows to understand much more comprehensively whether we are doing the right things in the right places.”

Joanne Trotter, Global Lead – Results and Learning
Aga Khan Foundation

Key Features: Secure cloud, Indicator tracking, Process automation, Streamlined UI, AppExchange integration




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