Earthworm Foundation

Earthworm Foundation

“Investing in a digital transformation was a big, but necessary decision for Earthworm. Fortunately for us, working with Vera has meant we're in very good hands and being guided through the complex transformation process by a group of like-minded and supportive individuals. Everyone we've interacted with on Vera's side has been exceptional, diving into our unique user case and bringing their expertise to the table to co-create solutions that will ultimately help us drive more impact..”

Ayelet Ritchie, Information Coordinator
 Market Segment: NGO
 Thematic Area: Energy/Environment
 Region: Global
 Project TypeProgram & Project Management, 3rd Party
 Solutions UsedSalesforce Platform, Amp Impact, M2M,
 Integration with Gecko

With Amp Impact and Salesforce, Earthworm Foundation

●  Created over 1k records within the first 5 months – each of
     these is an opportunity for collaboration and visibility


●  Increased collaboration on their mission to deliver high quality
     services to Members, Clients and Donors 


Addressing initial challenges, aligning to the right service, provides benefits today, and enables planning for the future.









“Earthworm Foundation is an impact-driven non-profit that partners with businesses, civil society, communities and governments to reduce the impact of raw materials on people and the planet. Its supply chain, social and environmental experts work across 5 continents to improve conditions for people, forests and soils impacted by production of cocoa, packaging, palm oil, rubber and more. With over 100 members and partners, the foundation focuses on implementing responsible sourcing commitments in supply chains and innovating practical solutions to social and environmental challenges across sourcing landscapes.”

Camp Harbor View


FMCH Clinic Management on Salesforce

Foundation for Mother and Child Health

Health, Nutrition, Education

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