Elton John Aids Foundation




Region: Global
System: Grant and Project Management
Sector: Health
KPIs: $160 million+ in all-time grants, 720 organizations supported


The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) provides funding to programs that support populations affected by or at risk of HIV/AIDS. By providing physical, emotional, and financial support, EJAF aims to end the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, prevent further HIV infections, and eliminate the number of people who die as a result of AIDS each year. Since 1990, the Foundation’s UK office has awarded over 1,400 grants worth more than $160 million to organizations working effectively to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic.


Before working with Vera in 2011, EJAF had a tedious, manual process for receiving, reviewing, and communicating decisions on grant applications. They sought a central, online system where staff could easily review applications and track grantees’ achievements, one that would automate most of the steps of the grant management lifecycle, and one that would provide a more streamlined experience for their grantees. One limitation in EJAF’s existing system was enabling them to effectively monitor the progress of grants against targets on KPIs. Furthermore, the lack of process automation meant that emails were sent manually to acknowledge hundreds of concept notes and provide feedback to applicants. EJAF sought to eliminate time and cost inefficiencies in the grant management process, and to more easily track grant performance to inform external engagement, partnerships, and funding decisions.


Vera worked with EJAF to design and develop a CRM and grant management solution on Salesforce to track and manage grantees, concept notes, grant applications, grant reports, and payment tranches. The solution has been used since 2011 to process and review more than 4500 concept notes from 44 countries, track more than $160 million of all-time grants supporting over 720 organizations, and monitor performance on over 600 key performance indicators (like the number individuals receiving HIV testing, the percent of successful treatment referrals, and the number of home visits received by children living with HIV).

The new solution enables applicants to apply for grants through web-forms built on Formstack. Once accepted, grantees utilize additional forms to regularly report to EJAF on their progress, both qualitatively and quantitatively. EJAF staff use the solution to analyze performance at both grant and portfolio levels, empowering staff to easily monitor and report on global funding and outcomes disaggregated geographically and thematically. In addition, the system also as the repository of grant documents and the source of evidence for decision-making and voting on grants. The solution has automated many of the processes that staff previously carried out manually over email, saving them hundreds of hours while providing them much easier, more powerful visibility on grant performance.

“The system has truly streamlined our grant management — saving us hundreds of hours, enabling us to get much more out of our data, and helping us maximize the impact of our time, energy, and funds.”

Mohamed Osman, Grants Director
Key Features: Secure cloud, Web form integration, Grantee reporting and data visualization, Process and email automation, Grant disbursement, Streamlined UI, Sales Cloud






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