Shell Foundation


Region: Global

Verticals: Clean Energy, Environmental Sustainability

Solutions: Community Engagement, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

KPIs: Using Amp Impact to monitor social and environmental reporting for 50+ companies; as of December 2018, Shell Foundation’s grants had created 209k jobs, improved the livelihoods of 124M people, and reduced 25.1M tonnes of CO2


Shell Foundation is a UK-registered charity, founded by Shell in 2000. Shell Foundation works to incubate and scale business solutions that enhance access to energy and expand affordable transportation in low-income communities in Sub-Saharan Africa & South Asia. Shell Foundation strives to build sustainable and impactful markets, providing strategic guidance and “high-touch support” to early-stage businesses and intermediaries capable of delivering social change at scale.


Shell Foundation supports a holistic portfolio of social enterprises and institutions at various stages of growth around the world. The Foundation has long been committed to measuring its performance as well as its enterprise partners’ progress towards sustainability and large-scale impact. However, like many grant-makers, Shell Foundation’s impact measurement approach relied heavily on documents and spreadsheets, leading to a host of pain points across data entry, indicator management, benchmarking, and performance tracking. Shell Foundation needed a standard, yet flexible, system that could track portfolio enterprises across geographies, focus areas, themes, and stages of growth, measure grant-specific indicators, and report on progress over time.


Grantee portal configured on Salesforce Communities.
Vera worked closely with Shell Foundation to understand their needs and implemented Amp Impact to help the Foundation strengthen its portfolio management and easily understand its grantees’ social ROI on the Salesforce Platform. The “Enterprise Hub,” as Shell Foundation calls it, uses out-of-the-box Amp Impact functionality combined with a Salesforce Community to enable enterprises to report quantitatively and qualitatively to the Foundation, with streamlined portfolio analysis on key performance indicators through dashboards. It also allows Shell Foundation to create and assign enterprise assessments using Amp Impact’s narrative template functionality.

“Shell Foundation is using Amp Impact to monitor social and environmental reporting for over 50 companies. The system is also being used to facilitate peer to peer learning. The foundation plans to expand the system in future to enable it to monitor the full cycle of grant management. It has been a pleasure building our system with the Amp Impact team.”

Adedayo Bolaji-Adio, Government Relations & Social Impact Manager at Shell Foundation
Key Features: Amp Impact, Community Cloud, Chatter, Secure cloud, Real-time data reporting and visualization, Submissions, AppExchange Integration, Indicator Management



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