Salesforce for Nonprofits

Our Solutions

Trade in complex spreadsheets for flexible, scalable data management on Salesforce

500+ Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofits

By building on the Salesforce platform, we provide flexible, scalable solutions that empower organizations to become more transparent, accountable, and effective.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Track programs and outcomes over time and across geographies with powerful mobile data collection tools.

Portfolio Management

Manage your global portfolio of programs, projects, and grants from a single platform

CRM & Fundraising

Manage the relationships between beneficiaries, staff, and donors, and bolster fundraising with NPSP

Community Engagement

Connect and engage with your partner or customer community to facilitate collaboration and data-sharing

Case Management

Access sensitive case information in one place and provide timely response in remote areas with mobile offline tools

Supply Chain Management

Monitor inventory, payments, and performance from end-to-end

Looking for a packaged impact measurement solution on Salesforce? International Impact Partner

Our work is centered on the Salesforce platform, the world’s leading cloud computing platform. As an International Impact Partner, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations, strengthening their systems and building their capacity to collect, manage, analyze, and utilize data.

Successful project delivery from kickoff to closeout

Discovery and Design

Discovery and Design

We work closely with our clients to identify painpoints, map requirements, and design a solution that is powerful and flexible. 

Development and Testing

Our consultants and developers customize the application to achieve an excellent end-to-end user experience.

RefugePoint | Mobile Case Management System

User Training and Support

We provide users with the training, tools, and knowledge they need to make the most of the system once it is launched.

Ready to become a data-driven organization?

Dedicated Team of Salesforce Experts

Our global team holds more than 100 Salesforce certifications.